Friday, March 24, 2006

Towel Time

**You want a warning, then this is it. Lady M talks of her towel. Alexandra speaks of shower tokens. Bernita says steamy... Even newcomer Karl (don't know the link) mentioned needing a shower... So for all of you needing of a cleansing...**

This is a scene from the sequel to Forever Dark, and has my vampire H/H in a 'heated, steamy' moment...

I reached up to kiss him and then bit his lip.

"Don't bleed on my rug," I warned him, and then winked.

Josiah couldn't help but smile again – his eyes sparkled, even. He enjoyed my brand of punishment. The full curve of his lip had been split by my fang and a ruby droplet beaded up and threatened to plummet to the absorbent wool beneath his feet. I raised an eyebrow, reached out a finger to stop the sanguinary globule from staining my rug, but Josiah licked his split lip and then stepped quickly into the cavernous shower.

I dropped my own sheet to the floor and then kicked the discarded linens into the laundry shoot and out of sight. The towel warmer hummed to life as I dropped two plush bath sheets over the rod and then joined my lover.

Water soon coursed through the artificial falls and cascaded in a fine, heavy spray. Josiah stepped back so that I could immerse myself in the surging mists. The hot water streamed between my breasts and down my abdomen; instinctively I reached for my shelf of oils and hand-crafted soaps. Josiah stopped me, guiding my hand off to the side, to the bright brass bar that lined the shower walls.

He took up a natural sea sponge, and then smelled soap after soap, searching for just the right scent. Then, I watched his eyes close as he inhaled deeply of a soaponified oil of lotus blossom. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and I could tell by Josiah's body posture, and obvious arousal, that the scent reminded him of our many intense sexual encounters. When his eyes opened again, they simply smoldered, his hunger for me flaring behind his dark irises. The new smile that graced his face was slow and wicked, tantalizing. My heart fluttered and refused to pick up a steady rhythm.

Josiah squeezed the sponge until it produced rich, aromatic foam. Then, he caressed the lather over my body as an artist used gesso to prepare a canvas before painting a masterpiece upon its surface.

He dropped the sponge into a mesh basket in the corner, and then pressed my back against the cool, stone wall. Chills crept across my flesh, and were only intensified by Josiah's heated embrace as he pressed his lips against mine. Our tongues met, tangled then parted as Josiah moved to nuzzle my earlobe with a bit of fang. A warm, delicious tingle blossomed from my ear and flowed down my neck and shoulders. My lover intensified the pleasure as he then kissed my neck, biting enough to break the skin surface, and redouble the stinging bliss that rode through my body.

I trembled. I fell weak and nearly collapsed in tremored bliss, so Josiah took my hands above my head, directed me to grasp the brass piping above to steady myself.

Driven by desire, Josiah pressed in closer, his breath my breath, his consummate skill my sweet agony. His hands worked the lather into textured patterns of ancient hieroglyphs before he wiped it away from my breasts. He bent down and suckled my nipple in a vampire's kiss, teeth exposed, until blood trickled from the corner of his mouth to mingle among the lotus bubbles fading from my flesh. I moaned; my body lax, my arms the only things that kept me upright.

Josiah pinched the tender tip of my nipple between his tongue and his top row of fangs as his hands moved down my stomach until they reached my thighs. There, his knees bent down and my eyes rose to Heaven.

My body still trembled, ached with anticipation. My mouth still watered. A victim of my wanton hunger, I was scarcely aware that Josiah lifted my knee and placed my foot upon his raised thigh. I wanted him within me. Yet, my lover did not give ecstasy so easily away; he liked to make me wait, he liked to prolong my desires before he satiated my flesh. A moan escaped my lips and I shuddered at his touch – even after so many years, he still thrilled me.

His hands worked in hedonic tones, teased my tingling flesh and colored me in sensual bliss. Then, Josiah released his nettled grip on my nipple and moved his mouth down my body. He slipped beneath my raised thigh and his lips, which I loved, loved my hidden ones in return. I twitched as rapture ran wild within me, and nearly convulsed as his tongue danced on my decadent soul.

I was so close to climax that I could taste it heavy on my tongue. Then, Josiah rose up, rode along the curves of my body as he kissed and nipped and left a bloody trail to my neck. He reared back, his mouth open, fangs exposed, as he entered my eager opening and sank his fangs into my throat as well.

Passion flowed within, pain without. The two sensations rose and swirled with in me – a dangerous and heady concoction. In a throe of ecstasy, I collapsed against my lover and Josiah supported my weight as I moaned and writhed against him. My only thought was him; my only awareness was erotic bliss as I reveled in his every tumescent inch. Then, somehow, even as he held me, he managed to slip a hand beneath me to further tantalize the already throbbing flesh, and he rocked his hips in that stilted rhythm that he knew would take me to orgasm.

My breath came and went in a heavy pant, my voice nothing more than a moaning groan. I clung to Josiah, eyes rolling as I clawed his back until red welts rose to smart under the hot water. His beautiful face twinged as he winced, yet he enjoyed the pain. He pressed me hard against the wall for leverage and then, in blinding bliss, Josiah brought me to an orgasm the likes of which I had never experienced.

Josiah slumped against the wall, and slid down onto his rear with me still straddled over his pelvis. I rested against his chest as latent pleasure pulsed through me. The water continued to fall, warm and comforting, as my lover took up the forgotten soaped sponge, and gently swept the away the bloodied bubbles which still coated me. Then, Josiah squeezed the remainder of the natural cleanser into my hair and massaged my scalp as he washed my hair, as well.

Josiah lifted me as he rose, my head against his shoulder, my body limp as a kitten in his arms. I reached out and turned off the water, and then he carried me to the plush rug beside the towel warmer.


Lady M said...


Karl's link is Secondhand Tryptophan or Karl E at Lady M blog - if you'd like it.

He's freaking hilarious.

I'd take him outta da shower - if I wasn't already married - life would certainly be amusing...


But dang girl - this is something else!

I can't wait to see the whole thing. Sex - plus scenes.

A+ on the hot-o-mama-meter!

Lady M

Dennie McDonald said...

I REALLY need a pool boy! LOL

Bernita said...

Your rise above the ordinary, Savannah, is your evocative use of things like hieroglyphs" and "nettled."
So nice to read.

Savannah Jordan said...

Lady M~
Thanks for the directions. And the compliments! This one won't be finished for awhile, but I can tell you there is a voyeuristic scene, hot hot sex, killing, bleeding... :)

Someday you'll be well sold and have that pool boy, too!

Glad you liked it. :) I enjoy using just those aspects of which you spoke.

Lady M said...

OOh she knows how to turn it on:

Voyuerism - Hot Sex - Violence...

Whooo... *fans self*

Savannah Jordan said...

Lady M~
The voyuerism scene is actually buried in the archives here. Maybe last month? Look for Vampire Voyuerism...

You can fan yourself more after that one! *wicked grin*

H.S. Kinn said...

Mmm, shower sex!

Pass me the soap, will ya?

alexandra said...

LOL! So you promised us hot and steamy and we also got wet too, what more could we ask for! ;-)

I'll have to let you read some of my sex scenes and see what you think, if you are open to it?

Savannah Jordan said...

LOL! That's the man's job!

Glad you liked it.

I'd be hapy to look at your scenes. do you have an email link on your blog? I could email you and that way you couls send them to me if you don't wanna post them...

Karl said...

Wow, all of a sudden I'm getting virtual shower sex? Why can't I have this transfer over to my flesh-and-blood life? ha.

My URL, by the way, is

Savannah Jordan said...

I won't touch that question, Karl! Ha, again. :P

Thanks for the link. I might use it someday.

Candice Gilmer said...


I need a shower.... :)

Tsavo Leone said...

So, first I need to raise the undead, then I need to get me a heated towel rail, and then...

I think everyone else has pretty much hit the nail on the head already over this one Savannah. And I also think that I'm gonna have to keep coming back to scenes like this one for tutuorials if I ever write anything even remotely steamy... 'cos you make some of us (i.e. me) feel like we're standing still in comparison.

"It is not hands that summon us, it is...desire."

Savannah Jordan said...

LOL, ...and then, get yourself a customed designed shower, all-natural bath products and pair of fangs...

"Standing still?" Not hardly! We have our strengths. I just happne to have a penchant for pieces of empassioned penning. :)

And, btw...
HellRaiser is such an awesome movie!!