Sunday, March 26, 2006

Music is back!

Ever been through rhythm withdrawal?? Ain't pretty -- trust me on this. Worse than going cold turkey off caffeine... Headaches and the whole nine yards. I have been so damn ugly since my MP3 player died that I think there were acutally times that I scared myself - walked around the house turning mirrors to face the wall because I didn't want to see the ornery bitch looking back at me.

Well, I am pleased to announce, thanks to a combined anniversary/Easter gift from DH, the music is back! I can allow my rhythmic obsession free reign again! Oh, thank gawd for music. I want to wallow in it, revel in it, naughty in it... Is naughty a verb?? Maybe not. Maybe so. Maybe it's just my mind in it's euphoric utopia.

But, I digress.

Thank you, Muff.


Candice Gilmer said...

cool, congrats, babe!

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks, Candice!!

Lady M said...

Ayuh - you're now going to have to post your library of music.

I can't write with music playing. I start listening to the tunes and forget about writing... I pull out my guitar and start strumming, then I turn the music off and get lost in writing my own music... and then - oooops oh yeah - I was writing. LOL!

Congrats on new mp3 player.

Lady M
See - I knew your day was going to get better... I read it in the tea leaves... and the patterns of the drenched towels! *g*

Lady M said...


Miss Snark said they are looking for some really excellent erotica - girl - run now!!! Get to the post office - mail them off.

Even if you have to do it in a short story compilation of little bites of erotica...

*great title* LITTLE BITES OF EROTICA...


Bernita said...

Like that.
Don't see why "naughty" can't be a verb.
Language lives.

Savannah Jordan said...

Lady M~
I can post the playlist n my MP3 player, if you'd like. Might be kind of fun to give y'all an insigt into me and my music obsession. If you're wanting let, let me know!

As to the getting published... Hun, you do realize that Aphrodite's Apples ( is just waiting for me to finish my Sacreligious collection? I am roughly due to hit print sometime this summer. :) They are also eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unleash Sariah on the world.

Yup. I think I can naughty... Verb it is!

H.S. Kinn said...

Yes, Sacreligious is my preciousssss! *EG* I'm very much looking forward to getting it into print!

Lady M said...

Oh yeah - publish the mp3 list that would be fun!

And as far as Sacreligious - Woohoo - Girl get'er done!


Lady M

Savannah Jordan said...

LOL, my favorite LOTR character! Other than Aragorn, of course. I LOVE the scene where he comes through the doors of Helm's Deep, his hair tussled, clothes torn... bloody... Oh Yeah!

I'm baging the keys for Sacreligious today! Gonna finish Sekhmat's tail this week.

Lady M~
Play list will be a sepaarate post, I think... would be easier for me to type it in Word and then copy paste.

As to Sacreligious... did ya check the link?? Got an excerpt up there. :)

Ric said...

Morning, Savannah,

Make sure you check out Miss Snark this morning.

Erotica is hot, hot, hot.

Got to love it when your week starts out that way.

Savannah Jordan said...


Great way to start the week!

I ronically, with as sassy as I can be, I don't often visit Snark's blog, so I appreciate the the info.

alexandra said...

Dear me, I'd have killed someone ten seconds after not having music playing. It's on 24-7, well, okay, maybe not when I'm asleep, but you obviously know what I mean. I have it playing constantly, when writing.

Glad DH saw fit to pamper you. ;-)

Savannah Jordan said...

Gods am I glad to know I'm not the only rhythm addicted writer out there! I feel sometimes like I might be a little crazy...

I'm glad DH did, too.