Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Playlist...

Welcome to the rhythmic background of my mind, otherwise know as 'my playlist.'

The Something Like Human album, my favorites being:

Last time, "This is the last time, now, I'll bleed for you"
Hemorrhage, OMG the entire song!
Prove, "prove to me you're something like human"
Easy, "…bring the pleasure, bring the pain…"
Innocent, "Satan, you know where I lie…"

Headstrong (as if THAT was ever a question…)
Made of Glass "I don't need to hear your answer, I just need to you to see"

From the All the Right Reasons album:

Follow You Home (great to growl in someone's ear)
Fight for all the Wrong Reason "…you got off every time you got onto me…"
Next Contestant (what girl doesn't want her guy to feel this way??)
Savin' Me "…I'm on the ledge of the 18th story…"
Far Away (I just plain BAWL)

And also from The Long Road:

Do This Anymore
Figured You Out (it's just plain naughty!)


Erotica (prerequisite, is it not? LOL)
Human Nature (naughty version)


The Undertaker (HOT, omg, wrote Sensual Bedlam to this one)
Rev 22:20 (Rev 4:20 mix) seductive as slow poison


Living Dead Girl
More Human


I Am, "I'll tell you when I come, but you'll come before me" (means exactly that)


Just Like You


Chris Daughtry, Walk the Line; LIVE, Forever May Not Be Long Enough; Gerard McMann, Cry Little Sister; Pussy Cat Dolls, Dontcha and Buttons; Van Halen(Hagar), Humans Being; Slip Knot, Vermillion Pt.2; Stained, Outside and Pressure; Stone Temple Pilots, Sex Type Thing; Golgotha Tenement Blues from The Crow soundtrack; HIM, Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly; Queesryche, most tunes, although I am compulsive about Gonna Get Close to You (dark, stalkerish…); Garbage, No.1 Crush, from Hex soundtrack; NIN, Closer (oh yeah!); Dawn, from Escape From L.A. soundtrack; I Can't Live if Living is Without You, Harry Nilsson (wanna see me cry?? this one will do it)… there's more, but I my eyes are crossing…


Bernita said...

Dear me, I'm just not with it.
Must see if I can figure out this doo-dad on my new computer.

Savannah Jordan said...

LOL Bernita! I don't know if I'm 'with it' either. I just know what I like to listen to.

alexandra said...

WOW! That sounds as eclectic as my own playlists.

As for being with it? When my niece's young son said I was a hip happening granny, I nearly fell off my chair. When the hell did I produce offspring in the first part, and hip-happening? LOL! I think a few would disagree. But hey, it's nice to know young and old can agree on music... ehm, sometimes!

The track I was playing? Pon de Replay (Radio Edit) by Rihanna.

Savannah Jordan said...

Eclectic is a good description. Although, I do almost entirely steer away from anything fluffy, pop-ish or ballad-ish. I do like Middle Eastern music, (go figure, my novel starts in Egypt), I loved WWF's Muhammed Hassan's entrance music. I also listen to some hip hop, but it's gotta make me wanna 'shake my junk' before I'll listen to it by choice. LOL

Bernita said...

Now there, I do like pop and ballad and bagpipes and Beethoven.
I want to shake my mind, not my bootie.
See? Not with it.

Tsavo Leone said...

Wholehearted agreement on Hassan's entrance music! Such a pity they messed up the character so immensely!

Can't write with hip-hop playing anymore though - I tried writing whilst playing some Eminem recently and ended up getting caught up in Marshall's words instead of my own...

And there's nothing wrong with bagpipes Bernita, nor Beethoven - after all, there are two kinds of music in this world, good music and bad music, and it's entirely subjective as to which is which.

Savannah Jordan said...

seems like we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. :) That's okay, to each their own.

And, as a side note, I usually don't shake anything when I am writing. Hip hop is a genre to be enjoyed during other activities than writing.

I agree with the Muhammed debacle! Shame...

I don't ususally write to top 40/hip hop, it's just another genre I can be caught indulging in. Eminem isn't too bad, a few of his songs are damn good, but just not to write with.

Bernita said...

I think there's good music in every type.
Please don't think I was putting down anyone's taste.
I don't like all ballads and only some of Beethoven(and I prefer a sax and blues to him anyday,) and there's even a few in country - which I generally despise - that I like.
I think my taste runs more to music where I can distinguish the words without effort.
It's what moves you that counts.

Savannah Jordan said...

No worries, Hun! I knew you weren't 'putting down' anyone's musical preferences. I still love ya!

There are a few in country that I will listen to. I love "She's got the rythm and I got the blues" by Alan Jackson... go figure, eh?

Bernita said...

Glad, Savannah, well, maybe my own.

Karl said...

Wow, you're a rocker, aren't you? Is that "Cry Little Sister" from the "Lost Boys" soundtrack? Haven't listened to it in quite a while. I have way too many CD's. Heh.

Lady M said...

You've got some great tunes on there!!!

I like everything but hard core country twang.

I'm a Green Day lover, Clash, Ramones, Depeche Mode, Fuel, Sublime, White Stripes, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Rush, Barenaked Ladies, Vertical Horizon, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Cars, System of a Down, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Gorillaz and more kind of gal.

I mix it up quite a lot.

I like Jazz usually only at dinner - and Classical for calm - quiet evenings.

But I can do pop - if it's got a bebopping beat. I don't like total cardboard sound.

Madonna is awesome and Ricky is a cutie.

I actually like Christina Aguilera if you listen to her, and actually listen to her voice - she's got talent!

I sing - rather horridly, but have been likened to Evanescence and Gwen Stefani... LMAO - oh yeah baby... So I'll listen to them as well.

Ok - well I'm crawling into bed for a nap before work.

Much love and hugs to all of ya!

Lady M
Thanks babe, for putting out...

The list.

Savannah Jordan said...

Don't put down what you like! *naggin over now*

You could call me that. :) And yes, it is from The Lost Boys soundtrack. "Death by stereo..."

Lady M~
You're welcome, Hun. :)

Ssounds like your music range is as eclectic as mine, although there are a few in your list I avoid on prinicple. Green Day, namely. They need to keep their policital opinions to their damn selves and just play their insturments! *pardon me, but I can get vehment on that point*

Christina is tolerable, better than Brittany, but given my druthers I'd rather rock it out then listen to chicks. No offense, I'm sure you sing just fine. ;)

And, yup, Ricky is a hottie. "Shake your bon bon!" woot!!

Candice Gilmer said...

See, now I go for the Madonna, and some Nickleback, I like Linkin Park as well, but I don't listen to the rock that often...

I have a tendancy to get too depressed when I listen to a lot of rock... maybe I get too into the lyrics. ;)