Friday, February 24, 2006

Rise to the challenge

*To clear up previous confusion: I created my vampires to be like Bram Stoker's in that they can take on the form of the beast as well. As the heroine's major deity is Anubis, she prefers her canid form... And, I rewrote this scene because of Tsavo, and HS. I hope I was able to rise to the challenge...*

The wounded guard collapsed to the sands, his arm devoid of flesh below the elbow and bleeding heavily. The very sight of him taking air while my lover lay dead enraged me. Kahlili deserved death, and I would bring it to him. I took on my jackal form and pound the sands beneath my paws. I caught him up, my feet alighting in sand gone black and bloody with his sanguine sluice.

He screamed once as I pinned his legs beneath my paws. Then I melted toward human, my canid form falling away as I stood above his outstretched limbs. A shriek, a slap, and then silence. I dug the fingernails of my left hand into his scalp. He struggled. His lips poured out apologies, but I would not hear them. The fingers of my right hand encircled his throat, crushing his airway and stopping his blather. Through pointed predator teeth I snarled, "Nefertaten made with much less noise. Die with some dignity."

Recognition widened his eyes. "Yes," I mocked, "I took her life. I dumped her corpse in the hall…"

His pain was not enough. I lunged in and buried my fangs deep into his throat. His skin gagged me as I bit down, rent muscle and severed vessels. I wrenched free a chunk of his flesh, and spat it out into my palm. Kahlili's eyes rolled, but I refused him unconscious respite. I smacked him with the his own meat, forced him open his eyes and focus on me, his deliverer of death.

He sat mute and unmoving.

I released his scalp, and drove my hands into his chest, and up under his ribcage. Kahlili's body convulsed beneath me and I ripped his heart free of his body. "For Djosiah," I snarled, and drove the dripping sack into his mouth. Blood trickled like drool as his jaw fell and his body failed.

I left Kahlili's body there for the jackals. It was a better end than he deserved.

I took on the form of my canine desert companions, and raced across the sands. Rage spurned me to greater speeds, and on the edge of town I overtook the second guard. I dispatched him in much the same manner as his murderous cohort. Three bodies fed the sands of Egypt this night, two of them my prey and I was still on the hunt. I loosed a yowl of vengeance and dropped my nose to the sands as I tracked my half-brother's scent.

The miserable man fled straight to the palace, where I found his stalllion untethered. He was gone and the beast blocked my path. I circled the cantankerous animal. The horse whistled, and kicked at me. I launched from the sands, took the exhausted animal down. Fangs buried deep in it's neck, I eviscerated it with my back legs.

Once more, joints cracked as they turned, and skin tingled as my pelt melted away. For the briefest moment, I resembled Anubis, human body with a jackal's head. Complete, yet not quite whole, I sidestepped the horse's steaming entrails as I used its mane to wipe the blood from my face.

Stupid beast, I thought, I never did like you...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mean minded...

*This is a murderous scene, lifted just after the death of the heroine's betrothed. It was written a couple of years ago, not quite the same voice in which I currently write, but it can't all be pretty...*

Left to run on foot, Djedefre's guard Khalili had not gotten very far away. He had collapsed to cradle his wounded arm, and the sight of him sitting on the edge of the plateau enraged me. He deserved death, and I would bring it to him. Abandoning Djosiah's body, I rose above the sands, a black zephyr of rage, and flew at him like a bird of prey.

He shrieked once as I swooped out of the sky and alighted on his quaking thighs. He fell to pleading and apologizing, but I would hear none of it. I dug my nails into his scalp, so that he could not look away. In a flash, my free hand was around his throat, my fangs out as I growled at him, "Nefertaten made much less noise. Die with a little dignity."

I allowed the knowledge that I had killed his consort to settle on him, and then I sank my fangs so deeply into his neck that his skin was against the roof of my mouth. He yelped in fright as I bit down, severed vessels and rent muscle. I tore out the chunk of flesh and spat it into my palm. Khalili's eyes rolled back into his head but I slapped him, forced his eyes open and made him focus on the mound of meat in my hand.

He looked at me in horror, and I watched his mouth form my name in silence. "That's right," I said, "Ntelicia…" He sat numb and unmoving beneath my feet, until I released my grip on his scalp and drove my fingers into his chest cavity, underneath his ribcage. His body convulsed in pain as I wrenched his heart free. "For Djosiah," I snarled, and then forced the dripping sack into his mouth. His bottom jaw fell open, and blood trickled like drool from his mouth before he slipped into unconsciousness and died.

The guard's blood was sour, spoiled by Djedefre's rule. I refused to drink it, but instead watched as it spurted through the gap I had made with my hand. The blood trickled to a stop, and I let Khalili's body slump to the desert sand, where I left him to the jackals. It was a better end then he deserved.

Swift as the wind on jackal paws I raced for the palace. Rage spurned me on to greater speeds, and near the outskirts of town, I overtook the second guard. I dispatched him in much the same manner as I had Khalili. Three bodies fed the sands of Egypt this night, two of them my prey and I was still on the hunt. With my head titled back I loosed a yowl of vengeance and then dropped my nose to the sands and picked up my half-brother's scent.

Djedefre's trail led straight to the palace gates, where he abandoned his stallion. I had missed him! The horse whistled shrilly, and kicked at me as I circled it; I growled and the hackles on the back of my neck rose. In my rage, I leapt upon the cantankerous beast: I rent open its neck and sent it down onto its side. I sank my fangs into its throat, and eviscerated the horse with my back legs.

I stood then, and stretched my body back to that of my human form. Joints cracked as they turned, and skin tingled as the pelt melted away. For the briefest moment, I resembled Anubis, human body with a jackal's head, but then my return to humanity was complete. I shook off the horse's blood, using it's mane to wipe my face clean. Stupid beast, I thought, I never did like you. I kicked sand up at it and then ran through the doors.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Aphrodite's Apples Presents...Savannah Jordan!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. What made you want to start writing?

SJ: Writing, for me, was an undeniable physical force. If I didn't start to write, I think I would have gone crazy! In more applicable terms, though, I started writing poetry in High School, began experimenting with prose in 1999, but didn't really start writing the erotica until last summer.

Q: What originally piqued your interest in ancient Egypt? What kind of research did you do for Sacreligious?

SJ: Egypt... It's like going home for me. If one believes in past lives, at least one of mine was in Egypt. :) Since I can remember realizing there were places other than Hometown USA, I have been obsessed with Egypt. The research that I did focused mainly on the royal family, rituals and magick, and the Egyptain Pantheon of the Fourth Dynasty; reign of Khufu, to be exact. I originally did the research for a paranormal romance novel, and just have never been able to release those images.

Q: Who and what do you think influences your writing today?

SJ: I'm not sure what to say for current influences. I have been an avid reader, and I inhaled books by Tolkein, Stephen R. Donaldson, Margaret Douglas, Anne McCaffery. I've even read the Harry Potter series. More than that, though, I think my inner drive to write what I like to read influences me. At least in so far as my own writing goes, because I read that a lot... :)

Q: Imagine you're on a nice secluded beach, on vacation. What light reading is tucked into your beach bag?

SJ: Mine mine mine!! Kidding... Actually, there are some unpublished works that I have had the pleasure of previewing that I would love to print out and drag around. A few of them right here at AA. Past that, I would sooner drag my laptop or pen and paper.

Q: What's your writing routine like? How many hours a day do you put in?

SJ: That varies on who has the whip! I usually get up about 6:30am, and do the pee-pee dance while I turn on the Dell. After breakfast, I blog around. Then I open up whichever WIP is screaming the loudest in my head and start writing... I can write for hours and get nowhere fast, sometimes I can pour out pages like one possessed.

Q: Tell us about Sacreligious. What inspired you to start it?

SJ: Ooo... Good question. First and foremost, I was not about to tell an Egyptian god 'No.' Who am I to deny Anubis?? I could see him, smell him... feel the claws... *sigh* From there, after AA's interest, it grew like a sandstorm in the desert, and I simply rode the winds. Secondly, it was a playground that standard pubs frowned on, soooo I had to try it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Taught muscles
awaiting the sweet release.
in the dark.
Decadent energy
to pound in my ears
and drum in my chest.
Throbbing lights,
husky voice in rhythmed refrain-
intimate through
closed eyes.
Indrawn breath,
awaiting the sweet release.

You, on stage.

I'm sure not many people think in forms of poetry after seeing bands such as Default, Trapt and Nickelback on stage... But I do.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Waxing Poetic

You Are the Puppetier

I’m only a marionette
on strings of smoke-
You are the puppetier,
and I perform
in your bed of ashes.
Your hands are the tinder,
and I am ignited by your touch.
I dance for you.
My eyes are twin sparks
that disguise the flame
burning me through.
The wood of my strength
is consumed
by glowing tongues,
And my body becomes ashes
in your hypnotic dance.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sasha's Song

For those interested, here's an excerpt, a taste, of my new vampire short story titled Sasha's Song, tagline: The last thing heard on this side of life...

Tight, sinuous, supple bodies entwined; I inhaled his expelled breath, my heartbeat echoed his. Jase's hands slid along my curves, tantalizing sensitive points as they passed. He drew me closer, pressed me tight so that I could smell the ardor pulsing hotly in his blood; he pressed his cheek to mine and groaned in my ear as my hand slid satin smooth over his burgeoned loins. My body responded in kind, heated hunger surged up through my veins, dual appetites for carnal and sanguinary satisfaction.

Ever still the music played, washed over and through us.

I directed our wicked waltz toward the French doors to the right of the foyer. Jase pinioned my body up against the oaken panel, pressing his mouth on mine, his tongue testing the tips of my fangs. He was an eager apprentice, practicing his new skills upon his master. I swooned within his arms, kissed him back fervently. His hand came up my back to tangle in my tresses as one of my hands found hard evidence of his desires and the other found the door knob, and turned. Our bodies tumbled through the entrance and onto a large divan. Jase landed atop me with his hands braced to either side of my shoulders pressed deep into the plush cushions, with his pelvis plied between my thighs.

Jase took on the role of aggressor with consummate ease. I allowed him to guide my body down upon the cushions, where he straddled my hips, one knee buried in the cushions, the other foot braced on the floor for leverage. I watched him watching me, his cheeks flushed and eyes bright, his enjoyment was obvious, although his outcome was clouded. I wanted him badly, I burned with desire, yet even now blood lust gnarled my guts and tainted my sexual thrill.

With one hand upon my chest, bracing me beneath him, he pulled the jersey from his own body and exposed an abdomen rippled with muscle. "Mmmm," I purred, and wrenched away a glove to touch his warm chest. My cool skin tickled him as he twitched a little, and then took hold of my hand, directing my fingertips down the furrow between his abdominal muscles to his beltline. He shivered a little, and smiled.

"Cool hands feel so good," he groaned as I slipped my fingertips beneath the belt to caress the
stiff organ leashed behind his denims. Jase moved his bracing hand behind my neck, gnarling his fingers in my hair as he pulled me up to a sitting position beneath him. "Do not move."

"I wouldn't dream of it," I sighed. I enjoyed being subjected to his prowess.

He made swift work of my gorgeous gown, ripping the cloth in his haste to remove the fabric barrier between us. The dress came up over my head in a rush of amber spice. Jase bunched the fabric in his fists, brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply, eyes closed, before he rose up and tossed the gown into the fireplace. Naked once more, I leaned forward and clawed the pants from his body – clothing was no longer necessary. Nothing was but our heat, our desire – and his blood.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Okay, now I never thought I would like Karl Urban as any other character than Eomer, but DOOM proved me wrong. Even though the movied sucked major a**, I ended up really liking Urban as Reaper -- dark haired, dark eyed, packing heat and bloodied up... Oh yeah! *plots to dress hubby in camo, and tech him out with cache of fire arms...*

Monday, February 06, 2006


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Okay, y'all let's just see if this works... :)

Pic problems

Okay. It's a seriously pissy pouty Monday for me, to be sure. I had a couple of wicked awesome banners made up over the weekend *ego alert!* and I wanted to put them here somewhere, but alas, I am html/pic posting deficient. I have no clue to go about it.

SO, my big question, today is HTF do ya'll get the damn pics on here??

Hopefully, once I get this figured out, I will post some excerpts from one of my new naughty vampire stories... :)