Wednesday, December 05, 2007

** Isn't she gorgeous? I love the ethereal feeling this picture evokes. I found it on Deviant Art, so if you're looking for some beautiful pictures, I highly recommend checking out the site.**

I'm putting her picture up because she reminds me of a fairy tale ice queen which, in turn, makes me think of my February release with Samhain, Melting the Ice Queen. It isn't a fantastical fantasy, but rather a contemporary romance (Red Hots! too, of course); but this picture epitomizes Cassandra for me, in the beginning of the story. Cassie is frozen in her love life, comfortable in her icy realm of frigid distance. That is, until an Egyptian demigod named Emin warms her dreams and melts her heart.

I cannot wait for this book to be released!! It's such a great story.

*contented sigh*

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New toy!

While wandering Meagan Hatfield's site, I came across this fun little toy. Find your Elvish Name generator. How could I resist?? It's early, I haven't had an caffeine.

I HAD to.

And, wouldn't you know? My Savannah elf name is soooo cool! Alassë of Dorthonion

Go. Try it. Come back and tell me your elf name! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations, Amelia!
Your ebook and pendant will soon be on its way!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


With the new contracts coming in, and my story In Reference To... being released this week with The Wild Rose Press, I am in the mood for a contest!

How about a little giveaway? One winner--two prizes; one ebook, one handmade dichroic art glass pendant. Sound good? It better! LOL I've been busy this summer with not a lot of down time to make prizes.


A copy of my erotica colletion Sacrilegious!

Explore the decadent couplings of Egyptian deities and their mortal consorts.
Savor the sensuality of their intense passions.
Sacrifice yourself on the altar of the gods…

"These three stories by Ms. Jordan are a fantastic tale about love knowing no boundaries."

This dichroic pendant. It's two layers of glass, the bottom is a rainbow dichroic, the top is clear. It's funky. It's fun. And, hey, it's handmade, by ME. :)

Email me at and put OCTOBER CONTEST in the subject line. All other email will be eaten by the spam monster MUA hahahaha. On October 19th I will draw a winner!
Best of Luck!


I am just giddy!! My Erotica short story title Melting the Ice Queen has been contracted by Bethany Morgan of Samhain Publishing, Ltd!!!!!!

How cool is that?! More news, snippets, etc to come.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Oh my. I have not posted in a looooong time. Summer is never good for me, blogging wise. With the kids out of school, there is just so much going on. *sigh*

Now, they're back in school, and I have a little breathing space between stories and crafting projects. Last month, I edited In Reference To... (which is available on October 10th from TWRP!!), made Kathryn the Great's Ren Faire dress and hemmed one passed on to me from my friend Lisa. The highlights of last month were finishing edits, and attending the Faire.

This month, I get to make two Halloween costumes; one for MIL and one for my friend Abby.

The draw back to October is the hole in my jaw from getting my wisdom tooth yanked out yesterday. Hence the title of this post--PAIN. The doctor cut my gum and drilled away jaw bone to get to the tooth, and then there was "a lot of pressure" and my head was cranked side to side as he forced the tool beneath my tooth and wrenched it back and forth. Then, he drilled some more. And yanked some more. Finally, with a CRACK and splatter of blood, the tooth came free. Yay, me.

Currently, the sofa beckons. The Vicodin has taken the edge off from the ache and given me a warm fuzzy feeling. I will succumb soon.

Hell, I succumb now...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Forgiving and letting go

"Forgiveness is giving up the right to retaliate. Forgiveness is the willingness to have something happen the way it happened."

"Forgiveness is giving up the insistence on being understood."

In essence, forgiveness is letting go of your side of the argument, or incident, and your attachment to the feelings associated with it. It is the first step in moving on, in healing a hurt and growing, or the first step on the farewell path.

It is not dragging around a hurt to be brought back up and revisited. It is not harboring resentment to be slung as a barb later. Those are acts of intent and retaliation.

I found, this morning, that I am not as good at forgiving as I thought I was. I wandered around the Internet, and stopped at certain people's pages. I'm not sure what I was looking for, some glimmer of hope, I guess. But, in essence, I revisited old wounds.

According to those quotes, I have some forgiving left to do, and not just of others, but of myself. I have harbored guilt and hurt feelings, and I have to let go. "For those who accept and practice this discipline [of forgiveness], there is a release of energy and a sense of freedom." As one of my friend's songs says, "we can fly high on the wings of forgiveness."

This is me, letting go and trying to fly.

Quotes from For Everything There is a Season.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Medium rare, please.

An author friend of mine tagged me last month with this grill-an-author "Ask one question" tag. So, as per tag rules, I am hearby opening this blog up to questions about me and my writing. BUT (as addendums to that rule) do not ask anything vulgar, anyting rude, or anything too personal (like my real name, etc.), because those questions will be stricken.
Grill away!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last week, I signed contracts with The Wild Rose Press for my short story In Reference to... to be published in their Scarlet Rosette line. I'm just hap-hap-happy to have one of my stories in such great company!

My new cover:

Here's the blurb:

In Reference To...Scarlet Rosette

College senior, Shawna Morris is about to learn more in the library than you can find in a book, and sexy newcomer Adam Scoffield is going to teach her. After steamy flirtations, they give the Reference Section a lesson in love and lust behind locked doors. But hopes plummet for Shawna when she finds Adam behind the lectern of her next class. The passion they shared seems doomed to be recorded in the index of Epic One Night Stands.

Will the young couple allow their love to fade beneath the classroom lights, or will they act on their desires in the shadows of the library?

And here's a little unedited excerpt...

Outside, the storm raged, rain pelted the windows and then, a slamming door echoed through the library's stone and plaster interior. No one slammed the door to the library--it was an unwritten rule--and that immediately piqued my interest. I stepped to the banister railing of the reference section loft and looked down into the foyer.

A stranger stood on the rubber mat. He was soaked, his jeans clingy and inky blue, his jacket drippy from the downpour. His hood slipped back to reveal the profile of a handsome face, strong jaw line and short, messy spiked blond hair.

Oo! What a cutie! I caught my breath, a mischievous grin on my lips. My night was suddenly looking up.

The newcomer took off his jacket, and turned to hang it on the rack beside the door. He wore a tight white tank, and his wet jeans clung to his rear; a snug fit, but loose in the legs, just like I like them.

Nice ass!

At that, he looked up, caught sight of me and smiled. He was even cuter then, white teeth, dreamy eyes framed by sexy specs. My heart pounded, my body flushed, a blush flared my cheeks; I stepped back from the oak railing.

Did I say that out loud?

For a brief moment, I considered hiding in shame--but where is the fun is that? An image of his face, and his sexy ass, burned in my mind and I knew instantly that I wanted more than to hide, wanted more than to just ogle his hot body--I wanted all of him.

He was gorgeous, the epitome of walking sex. For me, there was no doubt; if I got within flirting distance of him, the hussy within me would flaunt and beg for his carnal affections.
Brazen, I walked to the banister railing, rolling my hips and hoping it would entice him. I locked eyes with him, watched him watching me. I turned from the banister, tossed my hair over my shoulder and pointed to my little study nook before I shook my booty at him, like dangling a carrot before a horse. It was an open invitation to more than just becoming a study buddy. He smiled again, and then moved up the main isle and toward the staircase.

Here he comes, I thought, Here, Boy… come and get it...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OMG looooong time...

It has been such a LOOOOONG time! If anybody's out there, feel free to smack me for my abscence.

My other' name's novel is out in print. How cool is that?! I've even done a booksigning down in Kentucky for it already, and am doing another here in my hometown this Sunday.

Writing wise... Well, I've gotten serious about the darker side again. Sariah's story is outlined, and has grown into a dark, hard hitting werewolf tale of the extent taken to exact revenge on another. *sigh* I love that bitch of mine!

My 609-page vampire epic is going through a total rewrite, too. I'm rolling the entire tale into 3rd person POV from it's current first person POV. I think it makes from a much fuller story.

I have a new short story that is being edited to fit into the print version of Sacrilegious, when my publisher Aphrodite's Apples Press takes things to print. (I can't wait!!)

Oh, and I've recently submitted a short story to The Wild Rose Press's Scarlet Rosette line. The editor recommended revisions which have been made and the story turned around back to her, so... Cross your fingers for another Savannah Jordan sale!

Monday, January 29, 2007


**I know I don't post as often as I used to. Life got in the way. But, I am writing full-time on Sariah's story now, so I should be able to sneak a few excerpts and occasional pith and blather post up here.**

The moon was headed down. Dawn was hours off, and as far as Xander Waithorn was concerned, there was enough time left for one more roll, enough time to tear through one more of Creston Black’s groupies. He eased back into the corner couch, put his polished alligator hide shoes on the table and then straightened the hem of his silk pants.

A waitress wound her way between henchmen reaching for her rear and whores dancing with, and on each other. Xander took the darkest table in the darkest corner--she had a long way to go to make her way to his table and his tip money. He watched every step she made. She was damned sexy, he had to admit, but she was not to his liking. He preferred his women curvy and blond, not athletic and dark. Marko, however, stopped her, fondling her breasts around the tray of drinks as he took his Seven and Soda.

She laughed at Marko's attempt, but her face was impassive. She sidestepped the goon before he could reach any lower, and made her way to Xander's table.

Charles 'Chip' Johnston, a coiled spring ready to snap, leapt from his seat fast enough to stress test his crisp new camouflage BDU pants. Boots shoulder width apart, he stepped in front of the waitress and grabbed her tray. She glared up at him, her eyes passing over his severely short flat top. "That's close enough," he growled.

"Let her through, Charles," Xander sniffed. "She's hardly a threat. Honestly, you take your bodyguard duties too seriously."

Chip turned, cast Xander a rather scathing glare, before stepping out of the waitress's path. She sashayed past, waggling her ass at the irritated man. He growled, then, low and threatening. All traces of bravado sluiced from her expression. She looked down at her tray, suddenly diminished.

"Never mind him, Dear. Come," invited Xander.

She placed the tray of drinks on the table top, and leaned toward the waiting man. Malice and lust radiated from Xander's dark eyes, yet his manicured hand draped atop hers like a handkerchief. He pulled her closer, her breasts in his face. She trembled in his grasp as he buried his nose in her cleavage, inhaling deeply before running his tongue up her neck and to her ear. He whispered something that only she heard.

She nodded, and left her tray behind.

Jealous of Xander's confidence and power over women, Chip bragged, "I could bite right through that ass."

"As well you could," Xander scoffed, "if I allowed you."

"Allowed me?" Chip turned on Xander, his eyes flaring. "Allow me, like you allow that Werebitch to slaughter members of our Pack?"

"Our pack? Need I remind you that I rule here, Charles?" Xander's face darkened, his fine eyebrows pinched in a scowl. "And, I told you never to mention her."

"Rule? You're nothing more than a suit with sharp teeth; it's pretty obvious that she operates outside of your rule. What's the matter, Xander, don't like your mistakes thrown up in your face? You made her--you need to deal with her!"

"Do not," Xander's voice dripped venom as his hand snaked around Chip's throat and began to squeeze, "make me remind you of your place. I made you, too."

The taller Chip stood bristling, fists balled at his side. Xander rose, his regal arrogance face-to-face with Chip's restrained anger. Xander's claws came out then, cutting into Chip's neck. Xander smiled, and Chip backed down.

"That's right," Xander said, and then sat as if the spat was simply dismissed. Chip dropped into a chair, while Xander reclined against the plush opium room style bench.

Chip jutted his jaw in the direction of the waitress's departure.
"What'd you ask her?"

"To fetch me the busty blond that's on the dance floor in front of Creston's stage."


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Celebrating normalcy...

Yes, yes, I know. It's been a long while since I posted here. This Holiday Season has to have been the worse on record for me. Both kids were sick at one time or another. MAJOR STRESS. I had tonsillitis twice between Thanksgiving and New Years. And then, to top things off, I end up with some evil, wickedass illness that made my face swell up like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers! WTF?? I was scared, People, crying like a baby. The doctors think it was either an allergic reaction, or an arthritis flare up, or a combination of both. Yeah, comforting.

Well, needless to say, after a round of steroids, antihistamines and an antibiotic, I am back to normal--pretty much. *sigh*

So, in celebration of my return to normalcy, I am giving away a copy of Sacrilegious to one lucky blog reader!! Just email me at and tell me what one of the deitites names is to be entered!

Yay, normalcy!!