Friday, March 17, 2006

For Lady M...


The air was thin where she climbed. But she didn't care. He was her goal and she would sacrifice breath for his fiery passion. Beneath her foot, the precipice crumbled, and she plummeted from the cliff's face toward the sharp rocks below.

Bitter wind bit her flesh. Her eyes teared. A scream ripped from her throat.

But then, there he was, dragon wings spread wide and he rode the air current beneath her, claws outstretched, talons glinting in the sun. He reached for her. The tips of his claws cut through the fabric of her cloak, yet his hot leathered foot grasped her tight. The cloak fluttered impotently to the ground. Yet, where he took her, there was no need for clothing.

There was a need for nothing more than the forbidden desire which blazed between them.

He curled his foot up tight to his underbelly, shielding her from the wind, exposing her to his reptilian body in its mythic glory. She pressed a cheek to his sleek scaled hide. His heart thundered within his hurtling body, drumming an echo within her own. She could smell his heat, smell his ardor; taste it heavy on the musky air between them.

She inhaled deep the dizzied in the mix of flight, fear and fascination.

His lair lay beneath a shale escarpment. He tucked his large wings tight as he landed, and then deposited her gently to the floor. She lay where he placed her, not wanting to move from his magnificent presence.

He pierced her with his searing gaze. She sighed, arms open in an unspoken beckon.

He came forward, angular head above her body, his jaws snapping away clothing to leave her naked beneath him. His torrid heat radiated, pulsed along her flesh, penetrated to warm her eager body. Her nipples tightened pleasurably. His tongue was upon her, licking, teasing, tempting over her breasts and between her thighs.

He nearly purred. She liked that.

He wrapped his tail around her leg, and pulled gently, opening the path for his decent into decadence. With his body curled above her, he wrapped a breast in his long, forked tongue, bathing her body in his sultry breath. One claw titillated the other nipple. Her eyes rolled closed, her lips parted in a moan.

"Please," she panted. That was all.

In response to her petition, he slid his turgid shaft up her thighs to press against her pursed, begging lips. He shuddered, emitted another purring rumbling as his claw clutched at her body. Her hips rose to meet him, engulfing him in her damp desires. He shuddered once more, and flared his wings open in draconic ecstasy.

Such a passioned pace he rode within her. Her thighs trembled, her breath caught in her throat. Once more, dragon tongue across her nipples. She groaned as her body succumbed to his bestial pleasures, reveled in his sharp teeth and blazing breath. He arched his back, driving deep into her, one claw braced against the floor as his wings flapped the scent of their passion to the hillsides.

A backdraft of blazoned bliss washed through her. Breath came and went in musked moans, as she slid a hand down her own body, to tease that point which his claw did not. He responded by crouching there, claws beneath her knees, he lifted her ass, pressed their pleasure closer to him and deeper in her. Her hand fell. His dexterous tail took its place.

She groaned. So, did he.

His claws clenched atop a boulder, showering her in sparks which bounced from his dragon hide. She was so close to orgasm -- one more touch of his tail, one more sliding ride within her. He heard her unspoken need, and responded, giving them both to heathen heaven. His ultimate pleasure erupted in a roar of scorching flame even as she loosed an orgasmic wail.

"Virgin sacrifice no more," he mocked.


Lady M said...


Where's the fan? Where's the air conditioning? Where's the snow? LMAO!

Awesome description, fantastic imagery!

I love him catching her out of the air... And I wonder if he could turn human or her into dragon to complete the unification into a full blown romance.

Oooohhh This is a good one. I can just imagine the whole story now.

Human prince is transformed into a Dragon (Because he was an evil young man) so his task is to bring a "virgin" human (one that has been soul mated to him - he's had to wait centuries for her... in order to find her) and he has to be intimate with her in dragon form - before he can gain his own humanity.

But she's got a wicked secret too - she's really a dragon entrapped in a human body.

You could do it!

Ohhhh Ohhhh... So oohhhh!

I love it!

Thank you.


Lady M

alexandra said...

Savannah... the hot place to be? ;-)

No wonder poor Lady M is all over come. I think you'll need to start offering cold drinks at the door along with tokens or coupons for showers afterwards.

Chaud et humide dedans ici !

Bernita said...

Yet again, you manage to give a new meaning to stuff like "hot breath", and the old "sparks flew between them" Savannah!

Candice Gilmer said...

Sparks will fly...

Savannah, you've done it again.

Savannah Jordan said...

To all my Ladies...

*humble bow*

Thank you, thank you. :)

Lady M~

I may just keep this piece as one of those seeds to be planted for a short story, if not novella of consequence.

Dennie McDonald said...

man - you guys already took the sparky comments... enjoyed it!

Savannah Jordan said...


Sparky??? Oy! Rather cliche-ish... ;)

Glad you liked it! I was fun to stretch my wings and try on a new species. LOL