Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Author Page Linkage

Yo! Been a while since I posted. *sigh* Being in demand is SO difficult... *sniggers* I have my own author page up at Aphrodite's Apples. No pic, yet, but it's coming! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Wanting you,
the sweetest sorrow
that trembles on my soul,

Needing you,
the nettled bliss
that wraps about my heart,

Loving you,
the gentle pain
that gets me through the night.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Uderworld and the author hat

Well, I had SO anticipated the sequel to Underworld. I had myself all worked up for something fabulous. Wrong-o!! Maybe it was because my author hat was screwed on too tight, and I couldn't separate myself from my story analyzing. Whatever the cause, these are my reasons for disliking the film:
  • William, the original lycan looked like a gorram silver back gorilla with a muzzle and ears. Can you say "man in a suit?!"
  • The older lycans were supposed to be terrifying, unable to control their frenzy, etc. Sorry, no. They looked like f*cking puppies. Oo... scary.
  • Alexander Corvinus was a pussed out old man.
  • Markus was ugly in human form and he looked like he'd been beaten with an ugly stick in his evolved form; a quasi-Kindred Nos Feratu crossed with a f*ckin leaf nosed bat! So you've got wings now, Bat Boy... Yippee.
  • Viktor was subjugating an entire species. Wow. No surprise there... Karma came round and bit him in the ass. "You ain't leading but two things, Jack and Shit... and Jack left town."
  • The action was lack-luster at best. I wanted balls-to-the-wall, I got a puppies in jock straps.
  • They watered down the plot with the "romace" between Selene and Michael. As an erotic writer, I was tearing the sh*t outta that scene, knowing the body angles meant not a damn thing was happening. (However, Scott Speedman naked was a fair consolation prize.)
  • The only "good" point for me was how absolutely lustable Selene was with the new silver/white eye color. Gods that woman is beautiful!

And as Delmar said in O Brother, Where Art Thou?... "That's all I've got."

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Vampire Voyuerism

I could smell his heat, taste his hunger to satisfy, even over her very floral perfume. With scarcely a thought to the transition, I took on my shadow form and blended into the dark behind the two would-be lovers. She paused a moment, dramatically leaned against the wall right beside me, and then pulled Josiah to her. He gave into her eager advances, allowing her to kiss his neck and unbutton his shirt. As she touched his skin with her pink-tinted nails, I touched him, too, so close were we that her desire screamed in my veins, pumped as thickly as blood. I could taste her need.

The woman stepped back through the curtained doorway and tumbled onto the nearest divan. I followed, only a breath behind, blending into the shadowy folds of the gossamer curtains shrouding the sofa. Josiah reached for the hem of her shirt; she raised herself up for him, and he pulled the blouse off from her body in a rush of jasmine perfume. Her tanned skin gleamed in the amber lighting, so warm and inviting; despite his inclination to hesitation, Josiah reached out and stroked her golden skin. She caught his fingers at the waistline of her skirt and brought his hand up and atop of her lace bra. She trembled in my shadow, lending her pleasure to me.

Josiah's artist's hands caressed her form with delicate, soft strokes as though touching precious artwork. The woman whimpered and moaned, begged for his kiss – with her eyes closed, she could not see his fangs, pointed and ready to pierce her skin. In the shadows over his shoulder, I licked my lips, as eager as she for fulfillment at his hand. Rather than grace her mouth with his lips, Josiah leaned forward to kiss the barest tip of her breast, his vampire fangs piercing through the fabric to prickle her flesh.

Blood bloomed like roses through the cloth, and her body lurched in a throe of erotic agony; near as I was, I could feel it too. No longer able to contain myself, I poured through the fabric between us, my shadow hands on her flesh. Desire pulsed through her, through me, and I waited for him to touch her again.

Josiah brought a hand up along the side of her body, trailing his fingers over her skirt and then back to her breasts. With a quick motion of his finger, her bra fell away to expose firm, full breasts. Even as he bore down on the taught nipple, white canines through her skin, his nimble hands made quick work of the skirt's trappings, leaving her naked save for a thong of iridescent silver.

While her eyes were closed in ecstasy, I reached over her body, and with claws extended, I pulled Josiah's suit away; the ivory fabric poured like thick cream from his body, and lay in a puddle on the floor. Her eyes whisked open, to see the glory of his body before her. Panting and eager, she moaned as she reached to caress his lean muscled abdomen, her index finger following the v-shaped line from his hips downward. He trembled a little as her hands found that throbbing part which he shared in love making only with me. She licked her hand, taking the moisture downward to slide upon his shaft and an involuntary groan escaped his throat.

As though that moan were a request, the blond rose up, bent forward and enveloped his engorgement in her painted lips. It was such a rarity for a woman's lips to suckle him without the accompaniment of fangs that he gave into the fantasy, wrapping his fingers into fists in her pale hair with his face twitching in pleasure.

Josiah grew closer to orgasm, I could feel the energy building in him and, with a sudden pull, he lifted her head swiftly from his pelvis. His eyes were afire, his fangs at full bore, and a small shriek escaped her lips as he pushed the woman back upon the divan. I felt her fear, shared her desire as his hands came up between her knees and pulled them apart, then he leaned forward and buried his face in her throat.

Yet, Josiah did not give her what her body begged for; he would share that passion with no one but me. Instead, his finger slipped beneath the flimsy strap of her thong and found her damp, throbbing folds even as his sharp canines razored through her flesh. Pleasure rose through her body, burned through mine, as Josiah took her body toward climax. My own flesh pulsed with desire, wanting, needing what the unnamed woman was feeling as her surging heart pushed ecstasy and agony through her body even as it pumped blood through the opened vein.

She was so close to climax that it became a sweet torture for her. His mouth full of her blood, Josiah released his hold on her neck, wrapping the fingers of one hand around her throat to stave the flow of blood and allow her body to reach orgasm. The sudden explosion of her climax echoed in my body as her cries were muffled and then silenced by the curtained walls.

Josiah rose from the woman, her blood trickled from the corner of his mouth as he delicately stroked her forehead. Her eyes slowly closed, and he pulled a coverlet over her naked body as she slipped into sleep. She would wake later and remember nothing.

My lover, however, took my hand as I materialized beside him and he pulled me to the gossamer shrouded bed. Renewed energy pulsed through him, born by the consumption of fresh blood, and he used that power to take the clothing forcibly from my body, lift me from the floor and then push me down upon the plush pillows. Josiah crouched between my thighs; his lips stained a brilliant red from her blood still trailing down his cheek, and his desire stiff and evident between us as he leaned forward. He kissed me then, the tip of his shaft tickling my flesh as he allowed the woman's blood to flow into my mouth and down my throat. I accepted it eagerly, and swallowed; the spice of her ardor burned as it went down.

The power of her passion began to course through me, redoubling the tantalizing sensations as Josiah brought his hot mouth to my breast. His tongued danced on the nipple as his fangs grazed my skin. My eyes rolled, and I groaned as muscles twitched in my body – by the Gods; I loved that sting of coupled passion and pain.

My skin became his tapestry, a medium for his artistic sexual expression. His hands and mouth moved, touched everywhere at once, and a delicate web laced across my flesh, impressions formed as they were by Josiah piercing, tattooing my skin with his fangs – brilliant, scarlet red; the color of love, of passion. As each line of blood raised beneath his bite, the heat of my desires flared higher. My body became kindling as his touch and tongue set our passions ablaze.

Consumed now by the insatiable craving, I rose from the bed and tumbled Josiah beneath me. Fingernails clawing into his shoulder blades, I embraced him, with his shaft throbbing hot and hard in my folds and my lips on his neck. I kissed him there, and then licked the sweat from his skin as my hips rose up, and drove down upon him again. I felt his legs quiver as he struggled against climax. I smiled then, and pierced his neck with my fangs. Blood rushed against my tongue, mingled with the sweat tingling there, as my body moved rhythmically, riding the waves of pleasure that carried our bodies to a uniting orgasm.

Josiah shuddered beneath me, fingers dug into the blankets beneath him as his climax pulse within me and I cried out as ecstasy flooded my body. It was an eerie howl that echoed within The Chamber.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Silently she sits

on the edge

of a musty, gray-linened bed,
feet splayed wide,
skirt draped on battered knees.

Brown bottle rolls empty
on the floor

Chin couched
in a scarred palm,
while with the other hand
she throws
at her portrait on the wall.

GRUBY CANDY, better known in my circle as Bacon Popcorn

I believe that dear Bernita once referred to my blog/writing as gruby candy, which I took to be something good, but perhaps a little too 'dirty' to share... Way okay for a erotica writer! :p Woot! but, then again, I might have taken that particular post completely wrong. And, you will correct me if I did, right Bernita??


Dennie, a new reader here showed interest in my bacon popcorn recipe so I figured I would post it here and "share the Love," as my GF puts it.


6 to 8 slices of bacon, uncooked
2 to 3 handsful of popping corn kernels
1/3 to 1/2 stick of butter
garlic and salt

In sauce pan, cut bacon strips into 1" chunks. Over medium to medium high heat, fry to nearly crisp in bottom of saucepan. Add popping corn and cover with lid. Pop corn, pouring off the popped kernels and bacon chunks as they rise to top of pan. When popping stops, add butter to pan and melt. (Do not use margarine, as the water in it makes the corn chewy *gag*) Drizzle melted butter over popped corn, toss. Season to taste.

WARNING: not an acceptable food for those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hyper tension or squeamish tendancies toward fat or meat.

Great wintertime treat. Goes well with WWE, UFC and action movies. This is a damn good snack with beer, or any mixer with Coke. I prefer Captain Morgan's Tattoo and Coke, as everyone should get "a little Captain in you!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gorram TAG

(I love ya, Candice, but did you have to?? *sigh*)

What were you doing ten years ago? Kat was a 6 month old baby. Enough said.

What were you doing one year ago? Writing, wishing to the gods I was published. (funny how things change)

Five snacks you enjoy:
Reese's (White Chocolate covered)
BW3's Teriyaki wings
Corn Chips
Bacon Popcorn

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
Touch Too Much, AC/DC
Buttons, Pussycat Dolls
Devil's Party, INXS
Gonna Get Close To You, Queensryche (dark, creepy, stalkerish -- right up my alley!)
Forever May Not Be Long Enough, LIVE

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Pay off debts
Swim with dolphins (my major fantasy)
Visit Egypt (okay, so I'm obsessed. Call it a past life thing)
Build a bigger house
Own something made from Morganite (it's pink!)

Five bad habits:
Lack of initiative
Giving in

Five things you like doing:
Shopping (okay, so I'm a girly girl sometimes)
Taking hot showers with Mr. Jordan

Five things you would never wear or buy again:
That silly pink mesh shirt.
A bikini bottom without a top. (Only in France... ^_^)
Frappuchino in a bottle. *gag*
Someone else's ring. (long story...)
CLOTHES THAT I DON'T LIKE (another long story)

Five favorite toys:
Build-a-Bear stuffies
My Dell
MP3 player
Characters in my stories
Minds *evil laugh*

Five people I’m tagging:
Nope! Not this time. Dance, frolic and live free, My minions!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bitches, Pinks and Weres... oh my!

*sigh* As a Creative, do you ever feel like River Tam?? A victim of your own mind and the malice within? "Bullet in the brainpan. Squish..." Yeah, I feel like that a bit lately. Writing, stories, images -- I can't stop the dark floodtide since Sariah opened those damn gates...

The Den undulated in an orgy of churning flesh. Furniture, floor, doorjambs; all supported Weres and Pinks coupled in throes of erotic agony. Or bliss. Furred hides gave purchase in which pink fingers tangled, and fleshy bottoms clenched or spread, rose or fell in an animalistic abandon.

At one time, images like this would have never been allowed entrance, or entertainment, in my mind.

Oh my...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am and Aphrodite Girl!

That's right, BloggerVerse. Just this week, H.S. Kinn from the new e-publisher has offered me a contract. Well, make that THREE!!! *huge f*ckin grin* Aphrodite's Apples has offered contracts for soon-to-be revised versions of From the Sands... as well as a horror short titled Past Midnight, and (this is the best part), a Pantheon anthology (as yet to be titled by AA) that I am pitching as Sacreligious. This anthology is tailored made for me, it's all deity and human *ahem* relations! WooHoo!!

Come on, Y'all, join me in a happy dance!!!! (Booty shakin' highly recommended.) That's TWO sales in a month!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Secret sharing is over

Well, if you missed it, then I'm sorry. But, those of you who know now, please keep it quiet, okay? No letting that other name slip! I'm trusting you gals to keep it quiet now.

Thanks a bunch to those who showed up for my first author chat!! Candice, Girlfriend, you better be there next time!! *pouts* Acaciah was even there. Bernita, I had hoped to see you...

I will post the link again, and date of the next chat, when it is scheduled. Only, there won't be anymore secret sharing. :P