Thursday, March 30, 2006


Can you see the Chesire Cat grin on my face? Can you hear me purr??



Had the kids' conferences yesterday. Other than Kat talks too much (my daughter????), and KG's always in a hurry, well... the teachers might as well have told me I had geniuses. Only one grade less than average, and that is in that particular kid's hardest subject. Otherwise, ALL grades for both children were B or better. For both, words like 'brilliant,' 'excellent,' and 'way above the rest of the class' were used. *grin*

Both received highest marks in, Yup, you guessed it, English. Kat's teacher says, 'your daughter has a very strong author voice and great control of her vocabulary.' {side note: Kat's 10! Teacher said it must be genetic} WOOT, That's my girl!! *purr* KG has some of the highest marks in his class, 'very organized, 'brilliant work.' His teacher said, however, get this!... That he could do better if he applied himself more. Better than an 'A'?? HA Sorry, smart people get bored if you cannot keep their attention... I know from experience. LOL

So, yup, I'm a damn proud Mum right now!


Bernita said...

So satisfying, Savannah.

Savannah Jordan said...

Very, Bernita! :)

Lady M said...


Too way cool.

I think kids are amazing - especially when they are sleeping. LOL!

Hugs - and that's super great!

Lady M
Chomping at the bit to go read the story up there - but everyone is rushing to get going - so will in an hour - where I can close the windows... ROFLMAO!

Savannah Jordan said...

Lady M~

Hun, you are just a hoot!

Kids are the best. "Especially when they're sleeping!" I Once wrote a paper about my nephew title "Robert: the bipedal terror." LOL,

Enjoy the short, when you get to it. :)

Hugs are returned, of course.

Dennie McDonald said...

Yea! - my boys each (well, minus the 4-y-o but me thinks he's gonna be musical...) all already have books in print, one has two - sheesh! it's all in the genes!

way to go momma!

H.S. Kinn said...

Very Cool, hon! :D

Savannah Jordan said...

Yay! Kyle's a musical one, too. He's playing a alto sax in the school band. Kat, on the other hand is destined for the stage. Drama Queen!!

Thanks Hun!

Sela Carsen said...

Congratulations, Mum!! Ya done good!

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks, Sela! They might be stinkers sometimes, but they are really damn good kids.