Monday, March 27, 2006

A tase of something different...

**Well, I've given you snippets of traditional M/F in various situations and positions, given you F/F/M on a dance floor and in vampire voyeurism. I think by now y'all know I won't touch M/M with any kind of pole, so... how about some F/F action, heavy with vampiric overtones??

This scene comes from my novel Forever Dark; and it is the point at which my heroine Licia sacrifices her mortality to the vampire Canaan...**

“Please,” I said.

She turned to me then, her shadowed eyes radiated a wicked desire; not just for my blood, but for me. Canaan transformed before my eyes, and as she changed, my body responded in kind. She was a succubus, beautiful and enticing. Her body began to shimmer, a cloud of dark hair floated about her face, prominent, pointed teeth glinted in the moonlight, and her clothes melted away. Her figure was glorious. Supple thighs, narrow waist, and high, pointed breasts. I longed to touch her, to place my lips on her flesh.

“Come,” she beckoned. “Become…”

My body pulsated. I could contain my desire no longer – I reached for her, and a delicate hand grasped mine to pull me from the sand. Canaan enveloped me in a torrid embrace. Her lips pressed against mine, the tip of her tongue tickling mine and her bare breasts rubbing against the front of my gauze shift. Her nipples were hard and as they rubbed against mine, they tightened too. Tingles crawled across my flesh; waves of desire’s heat flooded my frame as the sensitive parts of my body burned for her touch.

Canaan heard my unspoken desire and loosened my belt, letting it fall to the sand. She slipped her hand beneath my shift, her fingernails grazing the skin of my thigh as she reached farther up. She cupped my breast in her hand, her thumb gently rubbing in circles over the tightened, sensitive flesh of my nipple. I moaned my pleasure into her open mouth, and Canaan drank it in. She nipped the inner flesh of my lip, and then licked the blood onto both of our tongues. She let her mouth slip from mine, and began to nip and nuzzle my neck, as her hands pulled my shift up over my hips and then off of my body.

She pressed against me urgently, directing me to lie back against the bank of the Nile. The sand against my skin was cool, but Canaan’s lips and hands were hot – the two temperatures fueled the sensations surging through me. I put my hands on the sides of her head, lifting it from where she suckled and licked the skin of my neck. Her lips were brilliant red with my blood, but I didn’t care; I desired her touch, her bite, her blood. I directed her mouth to my breast, and as she sucked my nipple, I took her wrist to my mouth. I licked her flesh, and nipped the sensitive skin, yet did not break the surface.

In her untamed passion, she pressed her body against mine, grinding her hips and occasionally purring like Bastet, or groaning in pleasure. Her groans turned to cries of delight as my hand found the warm, red flesh between her thighs and I bit down into her wrist. Canaan’s body twitched with the sudden sensation, then she pulled away from my breast, her eyes wild with passion and her face painted with my blood. She smiled, licked her lips, and then put her hands between my thighs. I trembled only a moment, and then she pressed my thighs apart.

With a fluid motion, Canaan turned her body so that her face was between my thighs; as I arched my back her wrist, which I had pierced with my own teeth, was against my mouth. As I licked the bitter blood that dripped from her wrist, she began to lick my hot, throbbing flesh. Each contact of her tongue pushed my body closer to the ultimate pleasure I desired, and the ultimate change of my existence. As climatic waves flooded my body with pleasure, Canaan replaced her tongue with her free fingers as she buried her face in the soft flesh at the top of my thigh.

The motion of her fingers continued the waves of pleasure flooding my body, even as the succubus drained me. Her teeth, like physician’s blades, sunk into my leg, slicing the major vessel, allowing my life force to flow into her body, and to spill down the bank to run in red ribbons down the Nile.

When I knew that death was coming for me, I bit as deeply into her wrist as I could, and sucked her potent poison in. She tried to pull away, yet my teeth sank in farther, taking some of her flesh and blood vessels into my own gullet as she finally wrenched free.
Canaan stood. She looked at her injured wrist, and watched as the gaping hole slowly healed. Vessels first, then meat, and then finally skin. She touched the regenerated flesh and then smiled at me. It was the most wicked grin I had ever witnessed.

I tried to rise, but was unable. Instead, I lay motionless on the sandy riverbank. She reached down, caressing my cheek before she took up my shift and clothed herself, wrapping my gold belt around her waist. As my field of vision faded, she leaned closer to me and spoke.

“You will die – yet you will live forever. I will always remember your passion.”


Bernita said...

Always wonder if the biter bit would make the vampire mortal again.

Savannah Jordan said...

Darkness is a most seductive mistress. I don't know if there's any coming back from the edge of that abyss.

Lady M said...

Sheesh Savannah - I couldn't sleep - laid there and tossed and turned... Insomnia strikes again... And I get up...

I read your story --- and OMG!

I think I'm going to turn Bi.


Very well crafted. I can't wait til this pubs.

I might even have to try reading it out loud to hubby - when the kid is asleep, of course.

Lady M

Lady M said...

Direct hint - one of the stories that are newly posted on Crapometer is mine. LMAO!

Savannah Jordan said...

ROFLMFAO! "Turn Bi" Oh, my. Lady M, you are a sheer joy to have comment here.

Big fat squishy hugs!

I'll have to dig through the Crapometer. *with gloves of course*

alexandra said...

Ah! My dear Savannah, are you starting a trend here? Not only turning heads, but turning our very our Lady M? Hmm... sweet to the taste and definitely full of juicy imagery. You really know how to, ehm, whet our appetites.

Mark Pettus said...

Wow. Very powerful and very erotic. Sex and death make such wonderful partners in literature - it's almost frightening.

Savannah Jordan said...

Turning heads? Really?? COOL! Glad you liked the scene. :)

Welcome! Are agony and ecstasy a wonderful combination?? I love to play with those images. Alot of 'meat' to sink my teeth into. :)