Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Oh my. I have not posted in a looooong time. Summer is never good for me, blogging wise. With the kids out of school, there is just so much going on. *sigh*

Now, they're back in school, and I have a little breathing space between stories and crafting projects. Last month, I edited In Reference To... (which is available on October 10th from TWRP!!), made Kathryn the Great's Ren Faire dress and hemmed one passed on to me from my friend Lisa. The highlights of last month were finishing edits, and attending the Faire.

This month, I get to make two Halloween costumes; one for MIL and one for my friend Abby.

The draw back to October is the hole in my jaw from getting my wisdom tooth yanked out yesterday. Hence the title of this post--PAIN. The doctor cut my gum and drilled away jaw bone to get to the tooth, and then there was "a lot of pressure" and my head was cranked side to side as he forced the tool beneath my tooth and wrenched it back and forth. Then, he drilled some more. And yanked some more. Finally, with a CRACK and splatter of blood, the tooth came free. Yay, me.

Currently, the sofa beckons. The Vicodin has taken the edge off from the ache and given me a warm fuzzy feeling. I will succumb soon.

Hell, I succumb now...

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