Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OMG looooong time...

It has been such a LOOOOONG time! If anybody's out there, feel free to smack me for my abscence.

My other' name's novel is out in print. How cool is that?! I've even done a booksigning down in Kentucky for it already, and am doing another here in my hometown this Sunday.

Writing wise... Well, I've gotten serious about the darker side again. Sariah's story is outlined, and has grown into a dark, hard hitting werewolf tale of the extent taken to exact revenge on another. *sigh* I love that bitch of mine!

My 609-page vampire epic is going through a total rewrite, too. I'm rolling the entire tale into 3rd person POV from it's current first person POV. I think it makes from a much fuller story.

I have a new short story that is being edited to fit into the print version of Sacrilegious, when my publisher Aphrodite's Apples Press takes things to print. (I can't wait!!)

Oh, and I've recently submitted a short story to The Wild Rose Press's Scarlet Rosette line. The editor recommended revisions which have been made and the story turned around back to her, so... Cross your fingers for another Savannah Jordan sale!

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