Tuesday, October 09, 2007


With the new contracts coming in, and my story In Reference To... being released this week with The Wild Rose Press, I am in the mood for a contest!

How about a little giveaway? One winner--two prizes; one ebook, one handmade dichroic art glass pendant. Sound good? It better! LOL I've been busy this summer with not a lot of down time to make prizes.


A copy of my erotica colletion Sacrilegious!

Explore the decadent couplings of Egyptian deities and their mortal consorts.
Savor the sensuality of their intense passions.
Sacrifice yourself on the altar of the gods…

"These three stories by Ms. Jordan are a fantastic tale about love knowing no boundaries."

This dichroic pendant. It's two layers of glass, the bottom is a rainbow dichroic, the top is clear. It's funky. It's fun. And, hey, it's handmade, by ME. :)

Email me at savvy_jordan@yahoo.com and put OCTOBER CONTEST in the subject line. All other email will be eaten by the spam monster MUA hahahaha. On October 19th I will draw a winner!
Best of Luck!


Menina said...

Congratulations on the contract and good luck with any future ones.

Savannah Jordan said...

Thank you, Menina, and thanks for entering the contest!

Tempest Knight said...

Great contest! :) Too bad I already have the book. :P

Savannah Jordan said...

You could always go for the pendant, Tempest ;)

Denise McDonald said...

ooooh like the new look!

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks, Dennie! Immortal Art Designs did the banner for me :)