Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last week, I signed contracts with The Wild Rose Press for my short story In Reference to... to be published in their Scarlet Rosette line. I'm just hap-hap-happy to have one of my stories in such great company!

My new cover:

Here's the blurb:

In Reference To...Scarlet Rosette

College senior, Shawna Morris is about to learn more in the library than you can find in a book, and sexy newcomer Adam Scoffield is going to teach her. After steamy flirtations, they give the Reference Section a lesson in love and lust behind locked doors. But hopes plummet for Shawna when she finds Adam behind the lectern of her next class. The passion they shared seems doomed to be recorded in the index of Epic One Night Stands.

Will the young couple allow their love to fade beneath the classroom lights, or will they act on their desires in the shadows of the library?

And here's a little unedited excerpt...

Outside, the storm raged, rain pelted the windows and then, a slamming door echoed through the library's stone and plaster interior. No one slammed the door to the library--it was an unwritten rule--and that immediately piqued my interest. I stepped to the banister railing of the reference section loft and looked down into the foyer.

A stranger stood on the rubber mat. He was soaked, his jeans clingy and inky blue, his jacket drippy from the downpour. His hood slipped back to reveal the profile of a handsome face, strong jaw line and short, messy spiked blond hair.

Oo! What a cutie! I caught my breath, a mischievous grin on my lips. My night was suddenly looking up.

The newcomer took off his jacket, and turned to hang it on the rack beside the door. He wore a tight white tank, and his wet jeans clung to his rear; a snug fit, but loose in the legs, just like I like them.

Nice ass!

At that, he looked up, caught sight of me and smiled. He was even cuter then, white teeth, dreamy eyes framed by sexy specs. My heart pounded, my body flushed, a blush flared my cheeks; I stepped back from the oak railing.

Did I say that out loud?

For a brief moment, I considered hiding in shame--but where is the fun is that? An image of his face, and his sexy ass, burned in my mind and I knew instantly that I wanted more than to hide, wanted more than to just ogle his hot body--I wanted all of him.

He was gorgeous, the epitome of walking sex. For me, there was no doubt; if I got within flirting distance of him, the hussy within me would flaunt and beg for his carnal affections.
Brazen, I walked to the banister railing, rolling my hips and hoping it would entice him. I locked eyes with him, watched him watching me. I turned from the banister, tossed my hair over my shoulder and pointed to my little study nook before I shook my booty at him, like dangling a carrot before a horse. It was an open invitation to more than just becoming a study buddy. He smiled again, and then moved up the main isle and toward the staircase.

Here he comes, I thought, Here, Boy… come and get it...


Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on your story sale.

Dennie McDonald said...

WAHHOO!! Congrats on your sale!

Tempest Knight said...

Love the cover! Totally sexy! Congrats on the contract! :)