Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Whipping cookies

No, I am not baking. My brain is whipping cookies in my skull. Round and round and round. Edits, writing, edits, writing... Oh, and Hey! For fun let's throw in working up a submission to DH Press with whom I made contact through a pilfered picture.

I've finished the Sacrilegious stories, except for a the afore mentioned edits and a scene fluffage or two. I still have the novel to finish rewriting for Samhain. And all I want to do is bury my head in my bitch Sariah. The vampires are rising up through my author guts, too, though. I can feel their particular poison spread in pulses of dark seduction through my veins. *sigh* Sanguinary shadows...

BTW, for any of you wondering, I found out who painted my avatar pic. Her name is Victoria Frances, and she is super talented!! The editor from DH Press sent me her first graphic novel, Favole, Stone Tears. You can find products with her artwork on it on The picture I have been using is named Libera Me. And, if it wasn't for that picture, I most likely would not be in contact like I have been with the senior editor at DH Press. So, in a round about way... Thank you, Victoria!

Okay, now how about an excerpt for y'all?? This will be about mid way through HUNTED:

Sariah was not dressed for killing. Her low rise demins clung to her ass and showed off the crystal in her navel and those on the back of her thong. Her blouse, if you could call it that, covered her breasts but barely and cascaded in filmy gauze down her arms. Her choker was tight, black, with a bloody red pendant hanging at her throat. She wore nothing else. There was no need. She ruled here. This was her turf, her territory.

The lights throbbed, the speakers bled rhythm. The recirculated air blew sex, smoke and arrogance. Yet, still she could smell him. His pompous depravity accosted her sinuses.

"That bastard is here somewhere," she snarled under her breath. Meghan stopped dead in her tracks. "Keep moving," Sariah barked. "He doesn't need to know that we are aware of him. Better that he doesn't know. Better for us. Better for me…"

It would end this night, Sariah would see to it. She was going to find Xander and she was going to rip his heart out, like he had done to her.

**It's good to be back**


Dennie McDonald said...

welcome back.... dang you've been busy!

Bernita said...

And back in fine form!
Missed you, though.

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks! I have been VERY busy. Still am, but I have a good portion oof it clawed up behind me now.

I missed you too. :( I am back, though, and rearing to go! Big, big things are on the horizon.

Kayleigh J. said...

Now now, the edits won't be so bad. I promise. :D

Savannah Jordan said...

Hey, Kayleigh! Wassup with my fellow AA goddess gal?!

Funny, Alisha busted my chops with the edits. I could count on two hands the number of lines that didn't have red! You must be a better technical writer than me ;)

THanks for dropping in. :)

Candice Gilmer said...

Babe, great form, as usual.. ;)

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks, Candice!! How goes the new Khandi project??

Kayleigh J. said...

What will really be funny, Savannah, is if I change stuff *she* changed. ;)

Savannah Jordan said...

LOL, Kayleigh! Been there, done that, caught the flack! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooo...I knew it was VF who did the avatar! lol

And I hear ya about edits. I finally got mine and finsihed them in one day. ONE DAY! Now I have to go work in Daystar for a bit. And Lucian. And Seraphim. *sigh* Will we never again know a moment when we AREN'T busy? lmao

Savannah Jordan said...

You knew it was VF? Why didn't you say something?? BRAT

We will never not be busy again! But, as long as it includes writing and my loving Sister, I'm okay. :)