Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MUAhahahahaha Remember that if you ever see me live. Like Kat says in Ten Things I Hate About You, "I'm Scary."


Candice Gilmer said...

Should I be frightened?

Kayleigh J. said...

Heh, I found a few favorites recently:

-Being a cranky bitch is part of my charm

-Don't make me go psycho bitch on your annoying ass

and finally,

-Easy there, Mr. Testosterone, you can be replaced by a zucchini.

Savannah Jordan said...


"Be afraid. Be very afraid..." Hahahhaha Actually, I'm nothing but a Kitten with claws. You'll be completely safe!


Where's the cranky bitch one?? I want it!! Actually, I did pick up a pin at BEA that simply says BITCH. Maybe I should just wear that. ;)

Anonymous said...

You smile. No way! *gasp*

Savannah Jordan said...


You're lucky I love you, Rene!