Monday, June 26, 2006

Give and take

Give and take
neglecting you
hurting me
the wrist aches
the blade bleeds
cut it out
cutting me
forgiving you
forgetting me
the precipice beckons
the feet betray
step over the edge
stand alone
telling you
listening to me
no quarter given
none deserved
give and take
of hurting you
hurting me
no me left
tears took it all
hurting you
killing me


Lady M said...

Love you - and have missed the hell out of you!

Hey - smile my dear - life can only get better from here!

How's my girl wolf?

Lady M

Lady M said...

and this one is sad - scary and worries me.

Savannah Jordan said...

Hey, M,

I love you right back! It's been toooo long.

Sariah is currently at the office of the Dark Horse Comics/DH Press/M Press Senior editor. WOOT! My vampires are getting shipped out to him, too.

As to the poem, well, it's a long complicated story. Suffice it to say, I bleed in print, and last week held a lot of hurt for me and a couple other people. I'll tell you about it off-blog if it will make you feel better.

Thanks for coming back!

Bernita said...

"a lot of hurt?"
And I was hoping the poem ( a good one, btw) was not specific.

Savannah Jordan said...


The poem was not specific to point or person, but things and people in general. FUBAR for a bit. I spent two nights out of the house even. Some are still nursing their wounds, others that I never supsected to get that upset, have and are.

Thanks for the compliment on the poem.

ivan said...

The poem reminds me of Margaret Atwood's early folio.
Myself, I'd issue a folio, as soon as I find out what a folio is.

Fact is, I submitted something and Peggy beat me to it.

Had to settle for having my own poems printed in an alumni magazine.

What I've just read is powerful.
Dare I say close to the bone?

Savannah Jordan said...

I have no idea on the folio thing, Ivan. If you figure it out, let me know. :)

Thanks for calling it powerful. Close to the bone is how I like them. I don't do anything halfway.

Michele said...

Criminey and Dayam!!
Suicidal or what?
That would make one heck of a last note left by a tortured poet/writer/lover - take your pick.

It would cause havoc and hell for the loved ones left behind.