Monday, May 22, 2006

Book Expo America

Holy crap, Jordanites! That was one helluva ride. Never, never have I seen so many books and so many people in my friggin life! That convention center's lower level could have easily contained the downtown district of my entire town! No. Seriously. That place is HUGE. Big enough to have it's own newspaper of the convention's events, and have maps all over to find the thousands of exhibitors.

I made some great contacts, too, buzzed up some interest in my work. There won't be names dropped here in the blog, but I can put out some links to webby's of those people I spoke to for various projects:
M PRESS/DH PRESS (senior editor)
Wizards fo the Coast (Brand Director)
The RGU Group (Pub and Marketing manager asked to see my children's story and stuffie!)
Llewelyn Worldwide (not sure of her position but, damn, she was a sweatheart! They are interested in looking at a proposal for a non-fic project title Soul Deep, about soul's connections)
New Page Books (Michael somebody, don't remember his title. He's also interested in the the non-fic title)

They are others that we spoke with, but the one's listed above showed interest in me and my work. So WOO HOO!!!

Funny thing is, the guy from M PRESS/DH PRESS, I had no idea how big of a person he is with the imprint or in the parent company (because it's an imprint of a f*cking huge comic book house). I was just normal ole sassy me. I stopped to admire a cover, and he stepped up and asked, "Are you a Vampire D reader?" I replied, "No, I'm a vampire writer." From there, he started asking pointed questions, like "time period" to which I replied, "Ancient Egypt to Celtic Ireland, to the Burning Times to modern day for my vampires, modern day for my Were's, because I figure why limit yourself?" The rest were answered in a similar rather SavannahSass manner. He ended up smiling, handing me his card and telling me to get in touch with him.

The lady we spoke with at WOC was nice. My agent gave her a quick run down of Dark, and then she said, "Savannah (named changed for obvious reasons) can tell you about her Werewolf." Oy! So, I start laying out the concept for Sariah and she's loving it. She says they are looking for manuscripts like that. So, is Savannah-style I say, "Would you like to look at one more?" And I whip out my only copy of the printed proposal. She took it and my b'ness cards, too!

The gal from Llewellyn gave me a set of tarot cards (major arcana). They are goregeous! And I got a major buttload of freebies and ARCs. Although I didn't pick up anything in my own genre; pagan stuff mostly and some things for my kids. One or two ARC's for me, and a whole bunch of catalogs. Oh, and the guy from DH PRESS sent me home with a awesome 'coffin' of artwork from their artist.

And, the Anubis story was finished on the airplane on the way home. Now I just need to type it in and then *ahem* get on with the guy's POV story. Heeehehehehe Basically that means I will still be kind of quiet for the rest of the week.

Missed y'all madly!!


Dennie McDonald said...

all those books - I think I would be in shock!

glad you finished your book - woohoo!

sounds like you had a grat time!

Candice Gilmer said...

Sounds wonderful! Look forward to seeing how all this pans out for you!

Bernita said...

Oh, oh, oh!
River Jordan IS DEEP AND WIDE,
Way to go, Girl!

Sela Carsen said...

Sounds fantastic, Savannah! Now, when are you going to start blogging again? We've missed you!

H.S. Kinn said...

About time you checked in, woman. You had me worried!

alexandra said...

Been missing you something terrible, so glad to hear all this wonderful news. Go get 'em Sweetie!

Bernita said...

Miss you.