Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Waxing poetic

Hot Night

Heavy air,
thick with moisture.
Satin drapings
cling to undisclosed curves.
Tangled, eager sheets
climb my legs.
Fingers snarl
in my tussled hair,
sweat shimmers,
a tingling sheen,
glossing taught muscles,
as my body
rises to greet
an errant sultry breeze


Candice Gilmer said...

I really like this, there's an air of anticipation there that I love.


Tsavo Leone said...

Very slow, languid visuals.

The morning after the night before, or the moments that follow an encounter all too brief...

A warrior princess arising from her toil, another broken would-be suitor left in her wake...

Our vampire queen, her feeding frenzy over, post-orgasmic and feline graceful, a red tint to her grin...

Eccellente mio bello

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks, Candice! I love to see other interpretations of this poem. Poetry was my first literary love.

Savannah Jordan said...


Thanks! I love where your mind goes. :)

Tsavo Leone said...

You (and Anubis) have set me thinking about what (and how) I write, so I'm currently experimenting with something outside of my usual range. Drop by at some point and keep an eye out for a piece called "Officially...": it's not me setting up shop on someone else's turf, just me giving something new a whirl.
[Damn, now I've announced it I've got no choice but to finish and post it... ; )]

And I'm glad you appreciate the images your poetry inspired. I felt kind of guilty as I was posting the comment, almost as if I was ripping you off, but I just loved the different contexts the poem suggested and had to share them.

As for what you should post next as a follow-up to Anubis... that m'dear is entirely up to you. Suffice to say I'm a regular visitor now...

Savannah Jordan said...

"Turf", Tsavo? So... should I, like, pee on everything and mark my territory?? :P Sorry, but I had to. I don't mind if you say, "Hey, come and look at this..."

NP on the comments you posted earlier. Really. I love to see what that poem brings out in others.

I'm kicking around what to post next. I've got more than a few scenes in mind; some dark, some sexy, some both. :)

I'm glad you're a regular!!