Friday, December 23, 2005

...mentioned vampires

Seeing as someone in a previous post mentioned vampires...


Hungry –
So hungry for your flesh
That my teeth throb.
It is so much more than
Carnal desire…
The dance between us,
This game of pursuit
Rises in waves
Akin to passion's heat,
Until my body burns,
To your unspoken name.
I want you,
Want to taste you now.
An ardent moment,
Beneath midnight's cape,
Sensual and unseen –
Touch and tease, and then,
Furtive contact
My lips soft on your body,
My teeth bearing down.
Fear mingles like spice
With the scent of your skin.
I feel your pulse falter
Beneath my tongue
As I drink you in.
And yet I am not satisfied.


Candice Gilmer said...

Very cool. I like it a lot. (God, I have such a way with words. lol)

The irony of the last line rings true to me, makes me wonder how much the one having the bloodlust truly gets fulfilled -- Makes me wonder exactly what it would take to bring such bloodlust satisfaction around.

Savannah Jordan said...

Hey, Candice, I like you way with words; straight forward, in-your-face. Like me!! That last line just screamed from my fingers, insisted on being typed. I love the twist. What is satisfaction??

Y said...

NICE! :)

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks, Momma!! BTW, Tim Tams are awesome with coffee! YUM

Tsavo Leone said...

I've come back and read this a few times before commenting as it's quite intruiging. I've never considered the idea of a vampire who might become dissatisfied with the hunt, and/or the taste of blood before now. I imagine it must be like all things: even the most exquisite of foods must become tiresome eventually.

Oh, to enjoy the hunt again, as it it were my first.
To savour in their blood again, as if they were my first.
To recoil in horror once again, as I did at first,
At what I have become, a thing, a victim of my thirst...

Please forgive, I couldn't resist. And 'Officially' has been posted, as promised.

Savannah Jordan said...

Forgiven!! I love it, as it speaks to my writing more than you know.

I am glad I've made you think, Tsavo. :) To build off from your comments: Is it only blood, the thrill of the hunt, that a vampire needs? Sanguinary satisfaction, in and of itself, to me is somehow hollow. There must be more. Frighten me, intrigue me (to quote to), touch my soul, leaving me wanting more...