Monday, February 06, 2006

Pic problems

Okay. It's a seriously pissy pouty Monday for me, to be sure. I had a couple of wicked awesome banners made up over the weekend *ego alert!* and I wanted to put them here somewhere, but alas, I am html/pic posting deficient. I have no clue to go about it.

SO, my big question, today is HTF do ya'll get the damn pics on here??

Hopefully, once I get this figured out, I will post some excerpts from one of my new naughty vampire stories... :)

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Lady M said...

To post a picture in here - I have a way that I do it... Ready?

(ref: 2/6/6 post)

In create a post - upload picture by clicking on link.

Once you upload the picture and post the post - email yourself the location of the picture... http/ ... by right clicking on link and copy image location... for example the picture in your above post is:

But once you upload a picture to blogspot - it will have your blogspot addy.

It appears to be unlimited... but I haven't been able to find the library of them yet. When I do I'll come back and tell you - unless I read further up that you've figured it out.

Also I wanted to tell you how to get technorati and blogroll - cause it's pretty easy.