Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Aphrodite's Apples Presents...Savannah Jordan!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. What made you want to start writing?

SJ: Writing, for me, was an undeniable physical force. If I didn't start to write, I think I would have gone crazy! In more applicable terms, though, I started writing poetry in High School, began experimenting with prose in 1999, but didn't really start writing the erotica until last summer.

Q: What originally piqued your interest in ancient Egypt? What kind of research did you do for Sacreligious?

SJ: Egypt... It's like going home for me. If one believes in past lives, at least one of mine was in Egypt. :) Since I can remember realizing there were places other than Hometown USA, I have been obsessed with Egypt. The research that I did focused mainly on the royal family, rituals and magick, and the Egyptain Pantheon of the Fourth Dynasty; reign of Khufu, to be exact. I originally did the research for a paranormal romance novel, and just have never been able to release those images.

Q: Who and what do you think influences your writing today?

SJ: I'm not sure what to say for current influences. I have been an avid reader, and I inhaled books by Tolkein, Stephen R. Donaldson, Margaret Douglas, Anne McCaffery. I've even read the Harry Potter series. More than that, though, I think my inner drive to write what I like to read influences me. At least in so far as my own writing goes, because I read that a lot... :)

Q: Imagine you're on a nice secluded beach, on vacation. What light reading is tucked into your beach bag?

SJ: Mine mine mine!! Kidding... Actually, there are some unpublished works that I have had the pleasure of previewing that I would love to print out and drag around. A few of them right here at AA. Past that, I would sooner drag my laptop or pen and paper.

Q: What's your writing routine like? How many hours a day do you put in?

SJ: That varies on who has the whip! I usually get up about 6:30am, and do the pee-pee dance while I turn on the Dell. After breakfast, I blog around. Then I open up whichever WIP is screaming the loudest in my head and start writing... I can write for hours and get nowhere fast, sometimes I can pour out pages like one possessed.

Q: Tell us about Sacreligious. What inspired you to start it?

SJ: Ooo... Good question. First and foremost, I was not about to tell an Egyptian god 'No.' Who am I to deny Anubis?? I could see him, smell him... feel the claws... *sigh* From there, after AA's interest, it grew like a sandstorm in the desert, and I simply rode the winds. Secondly, it was a playground that standard pubs frowned on, soooo I had to try it!


Michele said...

Wow, an interview.
Grew like a sand storm...lovely metephors!!

You only started writing erotica since last summer? No Way!!

Couldn't tell. Thought you've been honing erotica craft for a few years. I'm impressed!

Glad I stopped by.

Y said...

Cool interview... thanks for sharing! :)

Savannah Jordan said...


Yes, I only started writing the erotica last year. On a whim. And DAMN To my sweet surprise, people liked it! :) Thanks for the comment on the metaphor... I tried to make the answers a lot like me, and my writing as well.

Savannah Jordan said...


You are most welcome! I'm always happy to share. :)

How goes the writing, Kid?? Email me sometime.

Sela Carsen said...

Great interview, Savannah! I spent a year in Egypt as a kid (my dad was an engineer for an oil company) and my 1st grade field trip was to the pyramids. I love finding stories with non-standard settings (says the Regency writer!)

Savannah Jordan said...

Thanks!! I love writing about Egypt -- no other setting captivates my mind in such a way.

Funny that you mention the pyramids, Sela, one of the tear jerker scenes in my novel takes place there. Ask Michele, whoes post is above, she'll tell you all about it. *wicked grin*

Michele said...

Yeah, I'm still not over being brought to tears THREE TIMES!!!!

No one is supposed to be able to go past two, one maybe, but THREEE????

Dang..where's my Kleenex....

Savannah Jordan said...

I can send you a supply with the next novel.

I am not an HEA kind of girl. There are moments... but over all, I do dance on the dark side. :)

Erik Ivan James said...

Good interview. Solid, informative.

Savannah Jordan said...

Heeee Informative? Oh, Erik, you silly Michigander! I held back soooo much.

Thanks, though. :)