Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am and Aphrodite Girl!

That's right, BloggerVerse. Just this week, H.S. Kinn from the new e-publisher has offered me a contract. Well, make that THREE!!! *huge f*ckin grin* Aphrodite's Apples has offered contracts for soon-to-be revised versions of From the Sands... as well as a horror short titled Past Midnight, and (this is the best part), a Pantheon anthology (as yet to be titled by AA) that I am pitching as Sacreligious. This anthology is tailored made for me, it's all deity and human *ahem* relations! WooHoo!!

Come on, Y'all, join me in a happy dance!!!! (Booty shakin' highly recommended.) That's TWO sales in a month!!


Mel Francis said...

This is GREAT, Savannah! Congrats! You're on a roll!

Tsavo Leone said...

SJ, you got it going on girl!

Looks like the second round is on you too! : )

Y said...

CONGRATS once again! That's totally awesome!


Savannah Jordan said...

Thank you! *Now I've got that Limpbizkit song going through my head!*

Hopefully going on and going up to bigger and better sales! WooHoo

And, for the second round... Knob Creek whiskey and Vanilla Coke for all! yummy

Hey, Y!! Thanks, Hun. This will be you soon, too! Hugs!!

Michele said...

**High Five**

Savannah Jordan said...

Hoorah my little Reader Friend! :)

Candice Gilmer said...

You just rock my dear... ;)

Savannah Jordan said...

So do you, Candice!! Had fun chatting with ya the other night. Sometime, we'll have to do it on the phone... :)

H.S. Kinn said...

As well you should be! *plots to get more Savannah books*