Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally back

Yes, that's right. My plans for total domination are completed!! I've clawed my way past the contemporary romance side and taken control. Mua hahaha!

Not really...but the mini power trip was fun. I'm actually playing nicely with my other half.
So, on to the Savvy Report: There are two current WIPs that I'm very excited about.
See that hot, tattooed guy over there? He's a damn good representation of the hero is my new erotic/fantasy romance titled Nightwind, about a warlock and the woman who's the clone of his deceased wife. There's a bunch of twists: a jealous witch, a unique magick system, replicant fading, and lots of hot sex. Woot!

Then there's this awesome collaboration project I'm working on with Nancy Lindquist. It's a time travel menage with a shape-shifting dragon, a knight who has to live up to his title and a red-headed witch of a damsel. There are more villianous characters than you can shake a blog post at, and I promise you a sex scene with the dragon in full beastie form. (Bethany, my editor, has been I'm giving her what she wants.)

If I get those both done (and the sequel in my western romance series and the sequel to my fantasy novel), I have a similar themed story to Melting the Ice Queen, titled Quenching the Fire. An Ice God, a sassy red-head and, let me tell you, there's a character in there who even shocked me! Big fun!

Hopefully, Nancy and I will have a chapter spiffed up enough for an excerpt soon. Then, there's sure to be Nightwind excerpts, too. :) Maybe Quenching the Fire will be excerpt ready in a few months.

"Other" news: The other side of me has claimed Sariah. *sigh* Yup, the bitch is gone. But, I'm okay with it. She's one helluva a character to control, and a cage in an imaginary mind isn't very strong. Maybe my other side can keep the bitch in her cage and get the story done without that werewolf running amok.

And, if you know of my other side, you'll know to look on my website for news about my current and upcoming releases... A vampire romance this summer, a little horror story collection, and this December will see the contemporary western's release!

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