Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It's time for another give away! This time, I'm giving the lucky winner a Sweet Dreams goody basket full of stuff!
  • a basket (handwoven by me)
  • a necklace of moonstone, lapis lazuli and crystal beads (made by me)
  • a pretty key ring with dangly (made by me, too)
  • a box of Sweet Dreams tea
  • a bar of Nautral Lavender soap handmade by Michigan Country Soapworks
  • a bottle of Magick Moments custom blended perfume oil (with the scents of lavender and ocean rain) also blended by Michgian County Soapwoarks

Emin and Cassie meet in her dreams, so what better to give away than a goody basket of things to bring you Sweet Dreams?? So, what do you need to do to enter?


  1. READ the online excerpt.
  2. ANSWER this question: What does Cassie sacrifice in Emin's bed?
  3. EMAIL your answer to in an email titled "MTIQ goody basket"

This contest will run for one month!
Best of luck, and happy readings!

Sweet Dreams!!

P.S. If you read the story and know Emin's first spoken words, add them to the email, and I'll put a sweet little stuffed animal into that basket for you, too!


Tempest Knight said...

Those are great prizes! The necklace looks lovely. :)

Anne Cain said...

You have me FLOORED, darlin'! You're such an amazing craftswoman--the necklace is gorgeous and I love the basket. :D

Hugs and smooches,

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Savannah, Got the DL of In Reference To and just wanted to say 'Thanks'. I will enjoy reading it.

The prizes for this contest are amazing. My daughter had a hand-made soap business until about 2 years ago so I was especially interested in the products from the Michigan Country Soapworks. In checking out their website, I decided to consider buying some of their stuff for friends' Christmas gifts this year.

And what about your handmade stuff? Do you have a website to offer your baskets & jewelry?

Savannah Jordan said...

Thank you, dear. :) Email me sometime and we'll talk about the necklace.

OMG! I'm blessed by a visit for the ART GODDESS herself!! Thanks for the compliments, darlin'!

Karen in h in nc~
I love Michigan Country Soapworks products! Their soaps are to die for! I was thrilled to team up with them.

As far as my crafts go, I don't have a webstie to market my goods. I'm more a hobbiest by nature, BUT if you have something in mind that you're hankering for, email me and we can talk. I can do custom orders.

Phyllis said...

I love the basket. That is one craft I haven't tried yet. Your prizes are fantastic.