Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Halloween


I simply could not resist sharing this with the blogverse. Thanks so much to Andrea for sending the pic to me!

Okay, so news...
1.) Sacrilegious has gotten two fab reviews! Check them out:
CTR gives Sacreligious 4 CUPS!!
And below you can see what Just Erotic Romance Reviews had to say:
In Pursuit of Prey
Rating: 5 Stars Heat Level: O
Sekhmet, a feline goddess, has a need. When she forces herself into human form and creates modern clothing for the hunt, she senses her prey and stalks him, seducing him with her body. Her prey is handsome Mace, used to being in control, but now he totally submits himself to her lust.The whole idea behind this book intrigued me. The cover and subject matter made me eager to read this story. From page one I could feel the need Sekhmet had for sexual release and for her mate. This is a very well-written story with characters that were well developed, for such a short story. Sekhmet came to life on the pages. Her personality is one that defines a goddess. You could almost feel the soft feline hair on her body as she brushed past you. Mace is strong and used to being the Dom but in Sekhmet he’s met his match. The sex starts on page one and gets hotter as the story progresses. I truly enjoyed every bit of it! This was more than mere sex; Sekhmet and Mace have a relationship, a commitment to each other that is one forged in love.
From The Sands
Rating: 5 Stars Heat Level: O
At a costume party called “Devil’s Party”, Bianca feels the eyes of a stranger following her. Their movements seem synchronized. She is overcome with desire but it frightens her so much that she runs away. The stranger follows, almost stalking her; however, when she asks him to come to her, he refuses. He is Anubis, the canine-like god of the dead, but what Bianca does not know is that she had been bound to him for all eternity. This story struck me from page one. I could hardly wait to turn the page to see what would happen next. This is one hot story. I may never look at my dog in the same way again. The sexual tension between the two main characters was intense. Bianca showed little self-confidence; she is the perfect mate for strong and dominant Anubis. Anubis is strong and dominating in a canine way. He is in control from the beginning. He’s silent and stalks Bianca in such a way that the sexual tension builds. It was more than sex; it was a relationship that was born out of love and the past. Anubis just oozed sex. The sex was hot! The plot builds up toward the ending and the sexual tension builds to a climax so much so that I joined in. This story left me breathless and throbbing. I felt as though I belonged to Anubis, I became so involved in this story that I kept forgetting that the story was about Bianca and not me. If you enjoy strong dominant men with a bit of canine instinct thrown in, you must read this book.
Divine Intervention
Rating: 3 Stars Heat Level: H
Maxim is a writer but lately he seems unable to write; something is missing in his life. He heads to the “Kat Klub” knowing he has a deadline and that he will not make it. Sesha is Seshat, the goddess of writing. She knows exactly what Maxim needs: passion and it’s just what she plans to deliver. Maxim submits totally to Sesha only to find the pain of lost passion.This is an unusual story. Divine Intervention is a well-written story; however, I didn’t like either of the main characters. I found Maxim annoying but well developed. Sesha is a strong character, one that enjoys dominating her man. She would enjoy knowing a man longs for her to the point of pain and knows he can never truly touch her heart. This was my least favorite of the three. The plot was interesting. The author demonstrated the need for writers to experience what they are writing about. The sex was hot but I found the relationship lacking. There was little commitment on the part of Sesha. Seeing Maxim suffer made me sad. If you don’t like dominating women, pass on this story.
Annie Deb, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

2.) I am frantically scrambling to pull together a worthy submission for my real name's book due out in December. The editor I contacted is interested in seeing what I have--which at current moment isn't quite enough.

3.)Exciting news, the fabulous cover artist Anne Cain will be designing a custom logo for me for a personal website! It will be a combination of an image from a family heirlom and a personal picture, so it will be a semi-realistic portrait of 'yours truly' as a goddess!!

Okay, back to the grindstone...


Bernita said...

When you're hot...

Tempest Knight said...

Congrats on the great reviews! :) And good luck with pulling that submission, girl! *pom pom swish* I hope that editor offers you the contract.

Savannah Jordan said...

Bernita~ Hot? I'm just warming up :P SOme day it's all going to snowball, and then I'll be really busy!

I love the *pom pom swish*! Pray for me that this editor bites, and that the other one at DH Press does, too. :)